Auralee SS24. Paris Fashion Week
Auralee SS24. Paris Fashion Week

Auralee Spring Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week.

Individuality is about the unconventional twists that make each one of us unique. Quirks, whimsies, habits, fancies peculiar traits and attitudes that speak of singularity.

For Spring Summer 2024, AURALEE celebrates these subtle details that make all the difference, defining the expressive ways of being ourselves.

As always, premium high-quality all original fabrications ground the collection. Textured dry cottons; delicate organza; summer weight wool mohair, mlange-colored wool poplin, home spun mesh tweed, nylon taffeta luxurious, fine materials whose surfaces are sometimes given a wrinkled texture, as if they were washed and just out of a tumble dryer; some are treated to a smooth finish, or to a translucent sheen, adding that deceptive touch of imperfection that makes every garment distinctive.

Coats with silk linings; tailored trench coats in fine wool; slacks in light crisp wool mohair are reversible, worn deliberately inside-out to convey an attitude of personal interpretation.

On the same note, standout outerwear as well as constructed blousons and hoodies in elevated tropical wool faces are contrasted with a voluminous spongy effect, making their look unconventional without detracting from elegant functionality.

Knitwear is soft, transparent, airy and versatile, proposed in high-gauge variations layered and worn with shorts, high socks and leather shoes for a bit of styling quirk; slender knitted dresses in wool-silk are proposed alongside nostalgic sheer ringer tees and half-worn camisoles, perfect to be layered to achieve an imaginative look.

Slight tone variations tinge the surface of materials with gentle variations; the palette of delicate whites, beige, pale greens and pale blues is soft and poetic, while strong reds, turquoise and greens conveys chromatic vitality. Black accentuates the intensity of strong colors and the brightness of whites.

Ensembles are accented with light but substantially constructed mesh bags, and cycling-inspired saddlebags, effortlessly holding unworn layers and achieving an air of openness.

Offbeat yet laid-back, nonchalant yet stylish, AURALEEs Spring Summer 2024 collection welcomes the new season with a cool, free-spirited attitude that is all about the wearer.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Auralee.

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad