Cheney Chan  Couture FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week
Cheney Chan  Couture FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week

Cheney Chan Couture COLLECTION FALL/WINTER 24/25

'Dream in Bloom'

In June 2024, independent fashion designer and founder of the CHENEY CHAN Private brand, Cheney Chan, presented the new CHENEY CHAN Private "Dream in Bloom" Collection in Paris. The show was held at the classically styled Salle Gaveau concert hall. The designer has read numerous classical Chinese stories, drawing inspiration from twelve characteristics: purity, courage, charm, resilience, endurance, passion, freedom, heroism, independence, clarity, responsibility, and authenticity. Using beloved flowers and butterflies as mediums, he constructs new, beautiful, and dreamlike story images in his mind. These images, reflecting the desire to transform from a cocoon into a butterfly, interpret the graceful demeanor of modern women. This approach not only endows each fashion piece with unique beauty but also pays heartfelt tribute to the diverse life attitudes of contemporary women. 

The number "12" is not just a numeral but also a number that symbolizes everything in the world, the 12 months, the 12 hours, the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, etc., representing the cycle of time and life. Cheney Chan cleverly integrated this concept with the natural beauty of flowers and butterflies, infusing the new fashion collection with a sense of rebirth. Using the mystical number "12," the fashion showcases the radiant allure of twelve different personalities of women as they bloom through the passage of time and the cycles of life. Like butterflies fluttering, they present a dreamlike splendor. Each flower symbolizes the delicacy and vitality of women; each butterfly embodies their transformation and radiance. For Cheney Chan, "12" also holds extraordinary significance, marking his personal growth and the development of his brand. Over the past twelve years, Cheney Chan has found his unique style and direction. Through this fashion show, he hopes to convey the emotional and storytelling elements of his designs to a broader audience, documenting CHENEY CHAN's transition into a new cycle and embarking on a fresh fashion journey. 

The show began with a classic and restrained black theme. 25 models took the stage one after another, their eyeshadow as delicate as a painting, like ink splashed on paper; their lip colors soft and vibrant, like freshly blooming flowers. The headpieces were meticulously crafted with elements such as fresh flowers, silk flowers, and white porcelain, complementing the fashion pieces. Like protagonists taking turns to shine, each piece of clothing had a unique personality, depicting innocence, bravery, responsibility, charm, and resilience, showcasing the radiant feminine spirit. This show was not just a visual feast but also a tribute and celebration of female elegance...

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Cheney Chan

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad