House of Castell by Merlin Castell at LAFW 2021. Day 1
Original Article 24Fashion TV Exclusive: House of Castell at LAFW 2021. Day 1 House of Castell took the Los Angeles Fashion Week by storm on Thursday, October 14th, 2021. Merlin Castell, the designer behind the LO SS/2022 collection, brought a bright, imaginative, and thought-provoking series of styles that lent an air of theater and drama to the event, and the featured model was @annavallefuoco , who shined this evening. The collection we saw could be broken out into three sections - white, red, and fantastic. The Merlin took part in the white collection by dancing and singing to a beautiful bride, all dressed in white. Merlin Castell made a personal presentation of this white outfit to us, marking this as the most personal of all the shows we saw at Los Angeles Fashion Week this year. (As a sidenote, one of the shows was an entirely video presentation with no live demonstration of the unmentioned collection at all. Sure, COVID, but it strikes one as odd that the presentation was not cancelled but just played back to all of us in attendance. Why not just email us a link to see the video online???) The designer, Merlin Castell, has a unique and inspiring story that is probably worthy of a motion picture: as a little boy growing up on a banana plantation in Honduras, the young Merlin already caught the design and fashion bug that would stay with him for years. He credits his mother for helping to cultivate and allow him to grow his passion for clothes that we have witnessed in full bloom here tonight on display. The red collection was most notable for its collection of stove pipe hats that were a cross between a fez and an exaggerated cardinal's outfit. The beautiful interplay of shapes and curves, all in an eye-catching shiny red, were truly stunning to behold! READ MORE