Fine Frenchie – a world of style
Fine Frenchie – a world of style

When I fine something I love, I share it with the world.

I was first introduced to the magical world of fine Frenchie in early 2021 when group socializing, and casual outings were still few and far in between. It was at one of the first dinner parties I attended that I met the kind, witty, hysterical, and talented Valeria Karsavina. It was then i was first introduced to all-things fabulous, fine, and Frenchie. My initial impression of Valerias fine Frenchie brand was flawless. As a fellow creator and artist, and someone who engineers brands, i was so impressed by the cohesive, thoughtful, and beautiful presentation of the fine Frenchie brand. Rooting from the artistry itself of the whimsical adventures of Valerias alter-ego persona, inspired by her adorable Frenchie rabby, she has seemingly effortlessly created a cohesive universe of imagery, animations, household goods, apothecary, haute couture, and collectibles. I loved everything about Valeria & fine Frenchie, including our shared platinum blonde up-dos, which was the base of our first conversation. I was so excited to not only become close friends but to marry our talents to bring this charmingly bespoke collection to all of you!

It is my distinct pleasure to extend this very exclusive invitation to experience the magical world of fine Frenchie. Please join me on Thursday, December 16th from 6 to 9 pm for a first look at the brand-new showroom in Miamis ironside creative district (7580 ne 4th court, suite 114). 

Founder and creator, Valeria Karsavina, and i have organized an elegant holiday shopping soire to preview the 2022 capsule collection, debut rare collectible art prints, household accents, apothecary, and ready-to-wear couture, making the perfect gift for yourself or any of your fabulous loved ones. Each collectible artwork is always 1 of 15, dated, signed, numbered, and with a certificate of authenticity. 

My works are inspired by both pop-culture and historic heroines de lpoque which is why i only create a limited quantity to keep the story of fine Frenchie fresh and evolving.