Skye Yayoi Drynan is the Founder, CEO, & Head of Design of House of Skye. 

I believe in the power of reinvention and fighting for your dreams. Its been an incredible journey: From humble beginnings, I worked in my dads gift shop, then waited tables while earning a college scholarship. After graduating from college, I began my professional career at entry level, in a call center. After years of hard work and struggles in a cut-throat industry, I ultimately became one of the largest funders of biotech innovation globally. I am now pursuing my creative dreams in fashion and music. I had the courage to shatter glass ceilings through hard work and perseverance and so can you! Skys the limit! --Skye

This innovative, self-made Wellesley alumna has always been a leader, as a teen playing Olympic Development Soccer, to assisting in oncology research at the Whitehead Institute early on in her 22-year career in biotechnology. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Disruptive Therapeutics Acquisition Corp and ASAF Angels and is a board observer for Antios. Skye is a prolific inventor with utility and design patents issued in fashion and tech worldwide. She made a name for herself in the intimates industry with the globally patented SexyBack Bra (7 patents in more than 100 countries) and in the coveted Hollywood / entertainment field with her couture line worn by celebrities including Kevin Jonas, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea, and Jarred Harris, to name a few. Skyes inspirational story and her bold designs are featured on magazvision shows, music videos, concerts, magazine covers and on the red carpet.

Skye draws creative inspiration from her Japanese roots, world travel, and the natural rugged beauty of her home in Montana.

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