Interview with couturier Tony Ward. Couture Collection SS 2023



Tony Ward is a Lebanese-Italian fashion designer.

On January 23rd, Tony Ward unveiled his Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 Collection.

The Fashion Show took place at the famous Parisian location - Palais de Tokyo. 

The collection Stardust Voyage is a tribute to Wards father Elie Ward. It was him who 70 year ago founded the brand many of us adore now.

As always, he could surprise the audience. He often called as The Architect of Detail and he was able to confirm it again

by using in his collection a lot of 3D embroidery, wide variety of the color palette, details like foil, textures and sparkles.  

I am personally have been a fan of Tony Ward for a long time and I was very happy when he kindly agreed to give us this interview.

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What was the main idea behind your latest collection that you showed at Paris Fashion Week? Old Hollywood movies?

The inspiration behind the Couture SS2023 collection is the "Stardust Voyage"; those clusters of stars in the distance floating through space and into infinite twinkles that appear on the dresses.

You manage to confirm your title The Architect of Detail over and over again. Your dresses are always original and inimitable. Where do you draw inspiration?

From everywhere and anywhere! It can be through a book , through one of my travels, while sipping my morning coffee, through a muse... The "Architect Of Details" comes at a later stage when I integrate these inspirations into my designs.

To build up all this details is a time-consuming process. How long does it usually take to make a gown?

Not less than 200 hours; especially when it comes to Couture gowns.

Your gowns are frequently seen on Red Carpet events. Is it hard to work with celebrities?

It's not hard but it's challenging. As we pull strings to keep our DNA mixed with their taste; Nevertheless not once we had a bad experience dealing with them - we are proud to see our designs on such celebrities in big events or red carpets.

Who were the celebrities you worked with recently?

Priyanka Chopra, Araya Hargate, Grammy Award Winner Muni Long, Tessa Brooks, Molly Sims, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Leonnie Hanne, Lori Harvey, Youssra... to name a few.

Do you have a favourite model that inspires you?

Not really.

How can you describe an ideal client for you? What qualities should a woman have to embody Tony Ward's style?

Woman with confidence, fun, taking life with a "serious lightness", enjoying the moment and above all, trusting her body!

What do you think how the fashion industry will look like in few years? Do you believe the emergence of virtual models will replace the real ones?

For me, fashion is about touching the materials, feeling the layers, wearing the volumes... The virtual world is a world we dream of; Not sure how it can coincide with Fashion and Couture. This is indeed where the world is heading and we will be embarking on it in a way or another... but it's still a vague vision for us.

What is your secret of a successful designer career?

Hard work :)

Could you give us some advice how to choose an evening dress?

Choose your dress in the same way you choose your partner, it has to be you second skin; It's never a rule! 

Please wish something to our beloved readers.

Love, health and happiness... always!

Thank you very much! We are looking forward to seeing your next collections!!!

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