OperaSport SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week
OperaSport SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

OperaSport SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

For the Spring/Summer 2024, the founders of OpraSPORT, Stephanie Gundelach and Awa

Malina Stelter, have found inspiration in the colors and silhouettes of nature in early spring and high summer. From earthy tones, the hues of the sky, the graceful silhouette of clouds, a blooming flower to the radiant warmth of the sun.

The vision for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection is ignited by the captivating shapes and colours we experienced during the early spring and high summer. OpraSPORT was born with a responsible mindset, why the relationship to nature is something that we value - therefore it feels so natural, that we are having our first show under open sky and surrounded by nature. We wanted to make nature speak for itself, which is something we have used as the creative direction for this show.

Stephanie and Awa states.

With a focus on practical fits and feminine elegance, the collection allows ease for movement

and comfort in the heat of the summer, with styles that easily transition from day to night. With an expanded range of unisex designs, this collection has been thoughtfully crafted to embrace both versatility and diversity.

Furthermore, OpraSPORT introduces the first collection of shoes in collaboration with The Garment Project. The collection of shoes consist of 3 styles; a pair of heels, a pair of sandals and a pair of loafers. The shoe collection remains true to OpraSports core principles of responsible production, as they are crafted using recycled vegan leather.

25 looks will be presented at the show. The cast of models has been chosen to show diversity with a mix of street cast, talents and models included. Hair and make-up is inspired by less-is-more, where emphasis is placed on highlighting the beauty of the individual model.

Styles from earlier editions and leftover fabric have been upcycled and remade into unique showpieces that will be showcased within the show. The showpieces will be for sale after the season, in order to minimize waste.

As the collection finds inspiration in the captivating beauty of nature during spring and summer, the show will take place in the beautiful setting of stre Anlg in Copenhagen. The vast open spaces of this location provide a stunning backdrop that breathes life into the collection.

Runway looks

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad