st NIAN Men SS 24. Paris Fashion Week

st NIAN Spring Summer Men 2024 during Paris Fashion Week.


In the evocative location of the Garden of the Carnevalet Museum in Paris on June 26th, the brand presented the Men's SS 24 collection.

Courage never goes out of style WM Thackeray

A world where justice and equality are reality. The courage never to lose hope, together with the profound act of rebellion that shakes consciences and becomes, once again, a manifesto. A light in the forest to follow to believe again, always.

The man of St Nian Paris is like this: he proceeds along a path that, ideally, illuminates and shows the way. His manner is firm and carries the transposed echoes of a rebellious but spectacular nature, with 50s rock accents that from the American coast, are now to be found in the heart of Paris. It is the memory of a revived Elvis that shines in the precious taste for embroidery that runs through all the items in the collection, among trees and nightingales, roses and flower buds.

This is how even the tuxedo with embroidered trousers up to the hem is a tribute to a Hollywood that is no longer there and accompanies the man St. Nian Paris from red carpet to life: because you can be elegant and unconventional even in everyday life. But the bomber jacket also has decorations on the back, of course, and is worn with sharp trousers or, for a Beverly Hills touch, with shorts. Beneath, tailored and soft shirts peep out.

And yet the delicate texture of viscose, silk and silk crepe, does not forego touches of polyester and leather and the taste for the unusual that finds in feathers its perfect expression. The palette is a tribute to nature with soft shades of beige, champagne and white, but there are also accents of blue, lemon green and, of course, black and an unusual ketchup red.

The show took place at the Garden of the Musee Carnavalet in Paris, with models walking among the public as if they were taking a walk. The soundtrack of the show was conceived and curated by the designer.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press st NIAN.

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad